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The Project


TEMART " Advanced techniques for the material knowledge and the conservation of the historical-artistical patrimony" is a project approved by the Tuscany Region, cofounded by the European Fund for Regional Development (POR CreO FESR 2007-2013). The project aims at the integrated development of products and innovative services for the characterization and the conservation of cultural heritage and it is organized in the following clusters of technological innovation: 1) analytical portable instruments for in situ analysis , 2) devices and materials for restoration, 3) softwares for acquisition and management of data, 4) Infrastructure of Services (IS-TEMART).

The development of new products is strongly interconnected with the Infrastructure, that represents an effective channel of validation and dissemination of the results of the project. The Infrastructure carries out services of material characterization , e-learning/tutoring and definition of conservation treatments optimized for enterprises, private and public laboratories, law enforcement agencies and for other subjects involved in the safeguard of cultural heritage. IS-TEMART owns innovative instrumental resources and competences on the study and conservation of various kind of artefacts which place it in the condition for resolving a great variety of problematic of material characterization, definition of methodologies for restoration, authentication and so on.